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Our cleanses are a natural way for your body to absorb an abundance of whole, live vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. Cleansing is like a vacation for your entire digestive system. Sip, relax, and soak in the benefits.

Why cleanse

Living in the city is glorious, but it also exposes our bodies to a variety of toxins. These toxins can immensely alter our health through mind, body and spirit.

In addition, the standard American diet has pumped our systems with foods that are genetically modified, unrecognizable, full of chemicals, and nutrient deprived. Because of this, our digestive systems are often confused and packed with multiple toxins that leave us tired, fogged, overweight, moody, and malnourished!

Benefits of Cleansing

Our cleanses flood your system with a mega-dose of raw, whole nutrition from nothing but whole, raw organic produce. It is an easy, effective, and convenient way to remove toxins, destroy free-radicals, and energize your body from the inside out. Raw fruits and vegetables are live, alkalizing, and the power nutrients needed to heal, detoxify, and rejuvenate our bodies.

Juice Cleanse

Our most detoxifying cleanse

62 dollars per day

This is the traditional cleanse in the sense that your digestive system will get a total vacation. Since your digestive system will not need to break down food for the duration of the cleanse (which it's been doing most every day for your entire life) it will finally have the time to work on a little house cleaning.

Pushing out toxins, attacking free radicals, ridding you of unwanted chemicals, repairing damaged cells, building fresh blood, and cleansing any unwanted by-product - a juice cleanse is one of the most rejuvenating experiences you can do for yourself. This is the quickest, most effective way to cleanse. 

In this cleanse you will consume five cold pressed juices throughout the day, consuming a juice every two to three hours. Each of our juices contains 3-5 pounds of organic produce, which will keep you satiated and nourished. 



House Green I
kale, celery, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, parsley

French 77
cucumber, celery, pear, cayenne

Bloody Merry
beets, carrot, burdock root, cucumber, lemon

Apple Gimlet
romaine, collards, apple, celery, lime, ginger

My Carrot-Thai
carrot, young Thai coconut water

Healing Elixir

Detox Cleanse

An approachable cleanse of whole, raw, organic nutrition

65 dollars per day

This cleanse is a great introduction to cleansing, offering a variety of textures, fibers and protein. In this fully raw cleanse, you will absorb a myriad of live nutrients that are much more bio-available than cooked foods. As a result you will release toxins and reset your metabolism. 

In this cleanse, you will consume four cold pressed juices and two superfood blends, with each item spaced two to three hours apart. Each juice contains 3-5 pounds of organic produce. Our blends contain 9-18 grams of raw protein, and both are extremely high in fiber and essential nutrients.



Raw Juices

House Green I
kale, celery, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, parsley

Green Gimlet
romaine, dandelion, collards, celery, lemon

Young Thai Coconut Water
raw young Thai coconut water

Hemp Milk
9.8 pH alkaline water, hemp seeds, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, pink himalayan salt, date

Superfood Blends

Sun-Goddess +
spirulina, hemp seeds, chia, banana, house-made almond milk, young Thai coconut water, coconut meat

Incan Warrior +

cacao, chia, maca, coconut oil, cinnamon, pink himlayan salt, date, banana, young Thai coconut water, coconut meat

Reboot Cleanse

A cleanse full of raw protein

55 dollars per day

This is a reachable cleanse for the athlete, super-active, or anyone looking for a mega-does of raw, organic superfoods. Since most protein sources (including whey protein and all pasteurized animal protein) have been cooked, it means the majority of protein content has been killed. Each of our superfood blends contain 9-18 grams of raw, bio-available, protein.

In this cleanse you will consume your choice of five of our hand-crafted superfood blends, with each item spaced two to three hours apart.



spirulina, hemp seeds, chia, banana, house-made almond milk

Incan Warrior
maca, raw cacao, chia, coconut oil, banana, house-made almond milk, dates, cinnamon

East Of The Lake
spinach, goji berries, hemp seeds, walnuts, house-made almond milk, banana

mango, pineapple, coconut oil, maca, chia, coconut meat, citrus

Bohemian Harvest
kale, spinach, almond butter, hemp Seeds, chia, house-made almond milk, dates, citrus

Mother Nurture
coconut meat, maca, kale, banana, pear

Start Your Cleanse

Our cold-pressed juices, blends and foods are made in small batches and in limited quantities.

All juice cleanses must be ordered with at least 48 hours notice before desired pick up date. You can purchase and schedule your cleanse in person or by phone.

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