The Whole Story Behind the Whole Nutrition at CITY PRESS Juice & Bottle


 Chicago, Illinois: home to its own style of hot dog, custom blend of cheddar and caramel popcorn and, of course, deep dish pizza. Now, all things may be great in moderation – but Chicago’s long-standing reputation when it comes to food doesn’t exactly scream “healthy” or “nutrient-dense”. That’s where CITY PRESS Juice & Bottle – the Windy City’s very first 100% organic, raw cold-pressed juice bar – comes into play. Now, you may know our juice, but do you know our story?

It all began years ago, once upon a time, in a magical land called Detroit - where founders Angela and Anthony met. Anthony got caught up in a Hepatitis A outbreak – a highly contagious food borne illness that infects the liver.  The virus affected him acutely and severely – temperatures up to 105 degrees, jaundice, and rheumatoid arthritis so bad he could barely walk. This resulted in what seemed like endless trips to the hospital. The only medication doctors prescribed were intended for Chemotherapy patients, to control nausea and fever. The doctors said it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen, and Anthony was told - despite his nearly unbearable symptoms – that he would need to “wait it out” for sixth months or more to overcome such a severe case. That’s where Angela (and her superfoods) came in to save the day. Six more months of watching her husband in misery? She didn’t think so.

Prior to his sickness, Anthony ate (although vegetarian) a mostly Standard American Diet.  This meant his body was acidic - and his inflammatory diet, rich in dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods, only contributed to his symptoms. Always passionate about preparing healthy food for family and friends, Angela knew that she needed to flood Anthony’s body with as many nutrients from raw live produce into his body as quickly as possible to enable a speedier recovery. She did some research and realized the quickest, most efficient way to flood his body with those nutrients was via cold pressed juice. She bought a Norwalk cold pressed juicer and began juicing all organic raw vegetables and fruits. Angela and Anthony knew they were making a change, but they had no idea how impactful it would be. With that Norwalk came the next chapter of their lives – and who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal?

 The effects were immediate.  Within just a few days Anthony was walking freely, fever subsided – symptom free within two weeks. Anthony felt better than ever before – even better than months prior to the original prognosis. There’s a reason they call them SUPERfoods!

Once healed, Angela and Anthony couldn’t wait to share their new-found love with their community. They refined their process day in and day out, excited to share their passion with their newly adopted home city of Chicago.  Angela and Anthony explored all corners of Chicago in search of the best cold pressed juice only to realize this city is a little more invested in hot dogs and Italian beef than whole, raw, organic foods.  They just couldn't find what they were looking for, so they created it.  The DIY approach worked for them before, so why the heck not?  Then and there, CITY PRESS Juice & Bottle was born.

CITY PRESS Juice & Bottle is the dream, concept, and creation of its founders. Anthony and Angela not only believe in their work, they live it – it is their passion, their drive, and after witnessing, first hand, the healing benefits of raw organic foods, their mission to educate and evoke new ways of thinking about the relationships we have between our health and the food we choose to put in our bodies. Each recipe has a purpose and a story. The creativity sparked in their newly adopted home city inspired each – in their own way – to delve as deeply as possible into this lifestyle to create their absolute best. And…not to toot their horn, but they also happen to be pretty dang good at it.

I mean…have you tasted an Incan Warrior?  

- Written by Aria Machinski