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Trust Through Food

Each of our juices, blends and foods are created from the whole foods our species were designed to eat. With respect to individual health as well as the planet's well being, ALL of our products are made with ORGANIC ingredients ONLY. Our products contain mega-doses of live vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes – so we feel it is imperative that they are free of the dangerous pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and fertilizers regularly found in conventionally grown food. We will never compromise organic ingredients for its conventional counterpart, so our customers can rely on the best available foods with every visit.

We are a small business, a new-age mom & pop business, an organic business. We believe that if we focus on quality, quality, quality, the rest will take care of itself. The heart of our efforts is concentrated on our core values. The best part of each day is spending time with our customers, nourishing our customers, and watching our customers become part of our family. Our menu has been refined over the years to highlight the abundant power of whole, raw nutrition – all while electrifying your palate with the sometimes fragile, sometimes robust, but always exquisite flavors of each unique recipe.

Our Story

City Press Juice & Bottle is the dream, concept, and creation of founders Anthony and Angela Maicki. Anthony and Angela not only believe in their work, they live it. It is their passion, their drive, and their mission to share Trust Through Food with the rest of their community.

It all began years ago, when Angela was a teacher in Detroit and educating Anthony in the benefits of raw, whole nutrition. Her passion for preparing healthy food for family and friends lent itself well to her ever-expanding knowledge of nutrition. Over the years she enjoyed nourishing her loved ones with flavorful food that healed and detoxified, prevented and sustained, cured and cleansed. A life-long learner, Angela's promise is to evoke a new way we think about health, medicine, and treatment. Instead of pills, surgeries, and invasive treatments, she has learned – in the most personal way – even serious illness can be treated with nothing but whole, organic live foods. Husband, Anthony, is the model example.

After relocating to Chicago in 2011, Anthony and Angela began refining their process day in and day out, and with the profound healing power this lifestyle enacted, it was clear they needed an outlet to share their passion. Each recipe has a purpose and a story. The creativity sparked in their newly adopted home city inspired each – in their own way – to delve as deeply as possible into this lifestyle to create their absolute best.

City Press Juice & Bottle's concept stems from the traditional Roman Cafe : Community, creativity, convenience... inviting, warm, yet simple. We are leaving the pretension for someone else, welcoming all and everyone, from beginner to expert, curious to specialist, and everyone in-between. We will gladly share what we've learned, what we don't know, our favorite recommendations, and all our experiences. We encourage our customers to sit back, sip, and join our community.